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Sāpor GastroBar Mediterranean flavors and creative cocktails

Sāpor GastroBar, under the skilled guidance of Chef Panos Pappas, showcases a tempting culinary experience influenced by the rich traditions of Cycladic cuisine. Committed to sustainability, the restaurant seamlessly incorporates locally sourced ingredients and adheres to a zero-waste philosophy, ensuring a delectable array of culinary delights, selected Parian wines and creative cocktails available from dawn to dusk. Our cocktails are inspired by the chill-out culture and prepared with the use of premium spirits.

Beautifully furnished and decorated with natural materials, Sāpor GastroBar effortlessly converges style with comfort. Nestled next to the pool of Kosmitis Suites, it exudes a laid-back and carefree ambiance, creating an ideal space for both leisurely enjoyment and relaxation. Simultaneously, as the evening unfolds, Sāpor GastroBar evolves into a charmingly romantic setting.

Culinary bliss around the clock.

Embark on a perfect day in Paros by indulging in a nourishing breakfast prepared each morning with the freshest ingredients. Enhance your midday with a visit to Sāpor, where an enticing brunch experience awaits, showcasing a variety of appealing dishes. Opt for a satisfying lunch, complemented by selected Parian wines, and savor the harmonious blend of flavors that define the culinary identity of Sāpor GastroBar.

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Fine cocktails at Sapor GastroBar

Dinner with degustation menu.

Every week, on two special evenings, our chef presents a seven course tasting menu expertly paired with three glasses of distinctive local wines. Join us to experience the fine flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and the rich wine-making tradition of Paros.

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Sāpor GastroBar
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Sāpor GastroBar